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PLEASE NOTE: I retired in September and am no longer seeing clients.

 Stones of Hope and other good fortunes

Articles and Information from Inner Actions


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – Explained

An explanation of what psychodynamic therapy is, how it is different from other therapies, and what you can expect from a psychodynamic therapist...Read More ⋙

Improving our Lives Through Mindfulness

This article helps to explain and demystify mindfulness, and provides information about some of the benefits regular mindfulness practice can provide...Read More ⋙

Useful Tools

The following guides are available both online and as PDF documents for you to download.

Mindfulness of Breathing Guide

A step by step self-guided script for a mindfulness practice that focuses on the breath...Read More ⋙

Observing Through Your Senses Guide

A simple exercise to assist you to stay in the present moment. This exercise can be particularly helpful when anxiety, stress or other emotions threaten to overwhelm you. It can also be helpful when your mind is racing with thoughts and you are struggling to think clearly...Read More ⋙

Using the SUDS's Scale

The SUDS scale is a useful tool for tracking the intensity of your emotions and increasing your awareness of when emotions threaten to overwhelm...Read More ⋙